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Founder and Principal of The Gresh Group LLC

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Government Relations

Government Relations is the heart and soul of the Gresh Group. We understand the dynamics of the political arena as both a media reporter and a lobbying consultant. Looking at our clients’ issues from both perspectives provides our unique benefit, and helps us ensure objectives aren’t derailed due to unexpected political and media attention.

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Political Consulting

The Gresh Group team provides valuable political consulting services to many interested individuals and stakeholder groups on an ongoing basis. Some of our experience includes crafting targeted messages, effective message delivery, media training, grassroots support and phone polling.

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Media Affairs

Effective media relations helps ensure your message is accurate and delivered to the public how and when YOU want it to be delivered. The Gresh Group team has worked with local, regional and national reporters garnering coverage for clients in both local and national news outlets. In addition to former reporters who have written and produced the news, our staff includes media relations specialists who have extensive experience media outreach.

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Communication Strategies

An effective communications program begins with understanding the dynamics, issues and concerns that exist among stakeholders. By meeting with elected officials, special interest groups, the media and other affected interests, The Gresh Group helps you to determine challenges and opportunities that exist among your audiences.

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Media Training

Six short words, “Can I quote you on that?” can strike fear into the hearts of many professionals. A difficult story or crisis situation makes this feeling of dread even more pronounced. Understanding how the media works can help dissolve much of this fear and anticipation, and the correct message and delivery can actually help turn the situation to your advantage. The secret is to be prepared.

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