Government Relations
Getting Your Message to the Right People

Government Relations is the heart and soul of the Gresh Group. We understand the dynamics of the political arena as both a media reporter and a lobbying consultant. Looking at our clients’ issues from both perspectives provides our unique benefit, and helps us ensure objectives aren’t derailed due to unexpected political and media attention.

Our team is familiar with state agencies and their directors, as well as elected officials and their staffs. We can help you navigate deadlines, timelines, processes and personalities.

Although lobbying activities often are vital to an organization’s success, they cannot rely solely on traditional lobbying efforts in today's complex political climate. The Gresh Group works with our clients to develop a multi-dimensional approach to issues management that can include coalition and materials development, recruitment of third-party allies, policy briefings and media outreach.

We are experienced in all facets of lobbying at the state level; in fact, members of our team physically reside in Carson City, Nevada when the Nevada State legislature is in session.