Media Training
Preparing You to Deliver Your Message.

Six short words, “Can I quote you on that?” can strike fear into the hearts of many professionals. A difficult story or crisis situation makes this feeling of dread even more pronounced. Understanding how the media works can help dissolve much of this fear and anticipation, and the correct message and delivery can actually help turn the situation to your advantage. The secret is to be prepared.

With experience on both sides of the camera, we help political and corporate clients in all areas of presentation training including media interview preparation, message and sound bite delivery, on-camera techniques, small and large group presentations, effective delivery techniques for multi-media presentations and audience Q & A strategies.

Our staff of former reporters and media relations experts has worked with reporters, editors and producers at media outlets throughout the country. Not only do we offer you an insider’s perspective on working with the media, but we help you with the different nuances of the different mediums, including television, radio, print, news conferences and briefings and the live interview. We have provided training to business leaders, judges and public information officers.